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This Peacock Bass is a Sucker for a Relentless Figure Eight Pattern

Even without hooks on his lure, this kayak angler manages to bring out the beast in one persistent peacock bass.

Getting fish to strike our lure is a time honored labor of love for anglers everywhere. We buy a lure we want, adjust it, throw it, and hope for the best.

Once we’ve found one that works, it’s the next in line as our go-to bait of choice. Sometimes things go too well and we find ourselves with a fish that won’t quit. Maybe then you can take the hooks off that artificial and have a little fun like this guy, it’s just that this guy didn’t know how relentless one fish could be.

A.P.C Amigos Pescaiaqueiros de Campinas – SP is a You Tube channel that specializes in fishing Brazil, specifically in tucunaré or peacock bass.

This particular one shows what one feisty fish can do when it’s hungry and won’t give up. Even though you really never get a good look at it I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s a peacock bass anyway. Even if it isn’t it’s a great look at fishing from a kayak for some really aggressive fish.

If you feel like having fun some day with a fish like this you can go ahead and take the hooks off of your lure too. I’ll leave mine attached if it’s all the same to you.



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This Peacock Bass is a Sucker for a Relentless Figure Eight Pattern