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This Lady Gets Way Too Close to Black Bear with Cubs

Woman puts herself in serious danger as she approaches a mama bear and her cubs, all in search of a photograph.

Last week, according to the Billings Gazette, one woman recently risked it all as she approached a mama bear and her cubs during what is popularly know as a bear jam. As the black bear and her cubs made their way up the green hillside near the road to Tower Falls in Yellowstone National Park, onlookers at the scene became frightened and a few pictures were snapped of the woman making her risky approach.

The source states, "The risk the woman took is not only illegal in Yellowstone where tourists are required to stay 100 years from bears and wolves, but also just plain ignorant."

Bear 1
Billings Gazette

A mama bear with her cubs is one of the most dangerous situations a human can find themselves face with in the wild. This woman proves that no matter how much information is put out to try to educate tourists in the area, some just will not listen!

Already this season, multiple situations involving tourists and wildlife have taken place. In one instance an individual reportedly put a bison calf in their car and literally drove it to the ranger station. Another woman tried to pet a bison, and another person was killed while crossing the road during an attempt to photograph a bald eagle. Sadly events like these have become all too common amongst visitors to the increasingly popular, Yellowstone National Park.

It is becoming more understandable why some of the park workers refer to visitors as "tourons," a sneaky combination of the words tourist and moron. It is moments like this that leave reporters and staff workers wondering just how stupid can tourists be?


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This Lady Gets Way Too Close to Black Bear with Cubs