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This Kid Catches a Monster Eel Like It's Not a Big Deal At All

Watch this young kid catch a monster eel on a solo fishing trip deep in the woods.

One of the worst things that can happen to an angler is seeing a huge fish and not having a rod, right?

Well, in this video a young boy happens on a monster eel and he doesn't have his rod so he dashes home to get it and finds the creature waiting for him when he gets back.

Would you run eight kilometers back to your house to get your rod and catch a monster eel? Most anglers would say yes to this question, but most anglers probably would never leave home without their rod in the first place.

This young boy must have had the fishing gods on his side because despite a 2-hour side trip, the monster eel was waiting right where the boy left him.

Although this young kid had a stroke of luck when the monster eel stayed in its place for two hours, chances are fish won't. Take a lesson from this video and always bring your rod just in case you find something worth catching on your next nature adventure.


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This Kid Catches a Monster Eel Like It's Not a Big Deal At All