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This Japanese Angler Gave an Attacking Bear a Karate Beat Down

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This Japanese angler showed a bear he picked the wrong guy to mess with! 

Forget Mr. Miyagi, this 63-year-old Japanese angler is one dude you don't want to mess with. He fought off an attacking Asian black bear using karate.

The incredible incident happened last Thursday when the man, who prefers to remain anyonymous, was fishing the Jizo River near Gunma Prefecture.  That's when the fisherman found himself looking eye-to-eye with a 6-foot bear. But the bear had picked the wrong human to mess with.

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The man, who Japan Times reports is highly-ranked in karate, immediately put his skills to the test. The bear ended up running off after he repeatedly punched it in the eyes.

It'd probably be enough to impress the legendary Hugh Glass, portrayed last year in the movie The Revenant by Leonardo DiCaprio. But the man didn't walk away from the encounter unscathed. He suffered scratch wounds and bite marks to his arm, a thigh and his face and forehead in the incident.

But he was well enough to drive himself to the hospital afterwards. While not often reported upon in the U.S., bear attacks are actually pretty common in Japan. Back in 1915, one bear went on a week-long killing spree in a small village where it claimed seven victims before finally being killed by a hunter.

The Japan Times reports two other men were attacked last week in Fukushima Prefecture and four other people were actually killed in bear attacks in the mountains of Akita Prefecture back in June.

While the man in this latest attack was successful in using karate as a defense, officials are warning others it might not be a good idea to try the same thing. "If you witness a bear, don't fight. Walk away quietly and report it to the police instead," officials told the Japan Times.


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This Japanese Angler Gave an Attacking Bear a Karate Beat Down