This is Why You Don't Belly Flop From 83 Feet: Woman Severely Injured and Airlifted to Hospital

You would think it would be common sense not to belly flop off a cliff from 83 feet, but this lady unfortunately learned the hard way.

Over 4th of July Weekend at Paradise Cove Cliff, just west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a woman did the unthinkable and now she is paying for it. She thought it was a good idea to jump from a 83 foot cliff in which she didn't look very experienced in, and it didn't end well for her. Shocker...

This video found its way onto social media outlets and started causing quite the stir. The video catches her mid-flight as she free falls to the water in the frightening clip. With bystanders watching, she smacks the water in a belly flop position, and the spectators all gasp.

The woman had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital in Colorado by an emergency crew with Flight for Life.

Her name or condition are not being release at the time, but we are hoping for a speedy recovery for her. We assume that she did not mean to belly flop, but rather jumped and then panicked, resulting in the flailing arms and off-balance free fall.

It is important to know your limits and while it is always good to have fun, it is important to be safe as well.

Bystanders said she had a bloody nose and was also highly disoriented. She is lucky that it wasn't worse. 83 feet is a long way down.

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