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When You Combine Concrete and Anthills, This is What You Get

After three days of pouring, scientists excavated an anthill to find what was left. The resulting find was unbelievable.

Here’s a short clip from the documentary called “Ants: Nature’s Secret Power” showing how scientists captured a giant abandoned ‘grass-cutter’ anthill. By pouring some kind of cementitious material into a mound and then excavating it they were able to see the intricate and incredible city of the ants.

The amazing nature of ants is captured here for all to see. Here’s what science fiction turned reality looks like in the real world.

This particular anthill covers 50 square meters and is some 8 meters deep. Scientists estimate that these ants moved around 40 tons of soil in the process. Each load that was brought to the surface weighed as much as four times the weight of the worker ant that carried it.

Bert Hölldobler, entomologist and award-winning cameraman Wolfgang Thaler among others made this incredible documentary and shared it with the world.

Just looking at the structure as it appears out of the earth is astounding. It’s incredible that fellow creatures on the planet have the capability to create such a beautiful and lasting world. Maybe even more beautiful is how they simply work together to achieve it.



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When You Combine Concrete and Anthills, This is What You Get