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This is What Good Steenbok Shot Placement Looks Like

This Is What Good Steenbok Shot Placement Looks Like

Ever wonder what good steenbok shot placement looks like?

When hunting a small and delicate animal like the steenbok, or any other member of the Tiny 10 species of pygmy antelope, shot placement can be tricky. An incorrectly placed shot can cause significant damage to the hide and destroy far too much meat.

Good steenbok shot placement will both prevent suffering for the animal and also prevent the bullet from destroying the cape on the small antelope.

Watch the video to see what I mean. This hunter places his shot just behind the shoulder and avoids the shoulder blade.

Avoiding the shoulder blade like that prevents the bullet from expanding so rapidly and causing too much damage to the hide. In this case, the steenbok dropped immediately and the bullet caused minimal damage to the hide, preserving it for the taxidermist to make a shoulder mount later.

Using a non-expanding bullet like a monolithic solid or one with a full metal jacket will also work very well on small animals like steenbok.

Keep this in mind if you ever get an opportunity to go steenbok hunting.

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This is What Good Steenbok Shot Placement Looks Like