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This is What Anger Sounds Like Underwater

A diver spears fish around an old underwater wreck, and the fish keep getting stolen by goliath groupers. This leads to some interesting, if garbled, epithets.

This spearfisherman can't get a break. He sets his sights on a fish and spears it, and he is besieged by goliath groupers that want to steal his fish (or maybe it's just one particular grouper who's figured out that this guy's presence equals an easy meal).

Maybe that's what you get when you hunt around an old wreck. It may just be part of the game. So why get so angry? I mean, it's almost like this fellow is taking it personally. He even points to the offending grouper and says, I think, "You! Yeah, you! I've got your number, pal! Try it again, just try it!" At least that what I'm imagining that he's saying or thinking.

I've played the video several times in an attempt to try to figure out exactly what he's saying. I think I've been able to decipher a few of his curses, but they're not fit for printing.

It's pretty funny. You have to love it when I dude gets outsmarted by a fish, and then has the nerve to get angry at the fish for outsmarting him.

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This is What Anger Sounds Like Underwater