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This is the Kind of Blood Trail Every Bowhunter is After

When this hunter shoots a big Alberta mule deer, it leaves a blood trail that’s hard to miss.

The guys from Drury Outdoors are spotting and stalking mule deer in Alberta, Canada. Despite a lack of screening cover and a serious crosswind, this hunter is able to arrow a big muley and the blood trail is epic.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

That deer was losing a little blood, eh?

While this blood trail was easy to follow and the animal fell in sight, not all tracking jobs are so easy. Hunters should keep their wits about them after taking a shot. Watch the animal and mark its escape route and the last place you saw it. Also, pay attention to its body language since this can give you clues on how well (or poorly) the animal was hit. After replaying the shot in your mind and assessing the placement, you can make a decision on how quickly to start following the blood trail.

For an animal hit in the heart and lungs, wait at least 20 minutes. If the shot was too far back, wait 6-12 hours before attempting to recover the animal. Bumping a gut shot deer can cause you to lose it altogether. Of course, if the animal falls in sight like the buck in the video, there’s no need to wait for a recovery.


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This is the Kind of Blood Trail Every Bowhunter is After