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This is the Biggest Fish Manchester, England Has Ever Seen


Fishmongers make a name for themselves by bringing in largest fish to be seen in Manchester market. 

A group of fishmongers look to shock customers by displaying the largest fish ever seen in Manchester, England.

The fish, a goliath brown grouper, went on display this past Tuesday at Direct Fisheries in the Arndale Market. The grouper took the third place world record weighing in at 423 pounds and is nearly seven foot long.

“The size of it has obviously blown us all away,” Anthony Griffin, owner of Direct Fisheries, told The Telegraph. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen and by far the biggest we’ve ever had.”


Direct Fisheries paid $1,040 for the grouper who’s meat is estimated to be worth over $5,000. It will sit on display in the market for a few days before being butchered into steaks and fillets.

“It’s a particularly exotic fish so most people in the UK probably won’t be familiar with it,” explained Griffin. “But it’s used in a really wide rang of foods and we’re expecting a lot of demand from restaurants and different people.”

This massive grouper was caught near Seychelles in the Indian Ocean Saturday. After purchase it was flown overnight 13 hours to Manchester.

While this is a very large grouper it still doesn’t come close to the reigning world record. In 1961 a 680 pound goliath grouper was brought in off of Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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This is the Biggest Fish Manchester, England Has Ever Seen