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Would You Slide Down into This Serious Noodling Hole?

serious noodling hole

Noodling has proven to produce some giant catfish but this is a serious noodling hole that may take the cake. 

If you want to catch bigger fish you use bigger bait, right? That could be one of the theories behind noodling; with the bigger ‘bait’ being the person doing the fishing, or at least their hand. The results do seem to speak for themselves, with the majority of the catfish caught via noodling being on the larger end of the spectrum.

Check out the video below as Bradley Beesley and Nate Williams team up to take on a serious noodling hole and see if they can manage to bring home a massive prize.

Beesley is the creator and filmmaker of Okie Noodling and Mudcats, and Williams is known from the series Adrenaline Rush Noodlin. If you put the two of them together of course they are going to end up neck deep in a serious noodling hole.

How many times do you expect to hear people say that it’s a bad thing that a large creature in an underwater hole not wanting to bite them is a bad thing? Only noodling…

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Would You Slide Down into This Serious Noodling Hole?