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This is How You Light a Bonfire with Style

light a bonfire with style
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If you want to know how to light a bonfire with style this autumn, this video is your first step.

A bonfire is a great way to spend any evening, but something about having one in the Autumn makes it feel even better. A nip in the air, changing leaves, the sun setting earlier in the day… all these combine to make for perfect bonfire weather.

When it comes to starting your fire, there’s the boring, conventional way to do it, or you can light a bonfire with style, as Luke Tabor will show you below.

While this may not be the safest way to light a bonfire (by any means), it is definitely one of the coolest, and is actually much safer than some of the methods we’ve seen employed. If you get to practicing now, you might can manage to light a bonfire with style before winter sets in.

By the way, doing so will probably make you the hero of the party, and may even introduce a few people to traditional archery along the way.

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This is How You Light a Bonfire with Style