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See a Hunt Through the Eyes of Your Turkey Decoy

This Is Exactly How A Turkey Decoy Is Supposed To Work!

This hunter mounted a video camera on his turkey decoy and captured this awesome footage of a gobbler coming straight in! 

Sometimes big Tom turkeys are reluctant to come into a call if they are already with some hens. However, one great way to get them to come charging straight in is to use a turkey decoy to imitate a Jake or another Tom. If they catch sight of that decoy, they'll more than likely run over to fight the intruding turkey or at least try to scare him off.

Watch the video to see how this turkey hunter used his turkey decoy to turn the tables on this nice Tom!

Nice shot! That is exactly how you're supposed to use a turkey decoy to bring in a reluctant gobbler.

If you're having trouble getting turkeys to come into your calls, maybe you should consider using a decoy to change up the game a little bit.

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See a Hunt Through the Eyes of Your Turkey Decoy