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This is Not Your Father's .410 Shotgun

Remember that .410 shotgun that your dad used as a kid?

Well, this certainly isn't it. The fully automatic Saiga is based off an AK-47 platform.

Watch this video and see a Saiga .410 shotgun tear up the range.

The .410 is a small caliber, not gauge, shotgun that has much praise and scorn from hunters and shooters. It's small payload makes it at times tricky for game.

What if you could fire this little shotgun a whole lot faster? Maybe it is fully automatic and shoots from a detachable box magazine? Well, now we are talking a surefire winner.

This Saiga .410 shotgun is fully automatic and is based off the AK-47 platform. We think we have a win win for both sides with this slick shooting shotgun.


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This is Not Your Father's .410 Shotgun