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This Instagram Account Features Cats on Adventures and It’s Awesome [PICS]

AdventureCats/ Facebook

Did you know that people actually take their cats on outdoor adventures? It’s actually pretty awesome.

The Instagram account AdventureCats is a compilation of outdoorsy people who bring along their feline friends. Seriously.

Your cat doesn’t have to be left at home when you venture outside. AdventureCats has an active Facebook page with a website set to launch next month that will outline all the requirements on how to take Whiskers on adventures safely.

Because cats on a leash doesn’t sound that enjoyable.

AdventureCats is run by pet writers and outdoor content writers who have come together to provide entertaining photos and information on how to take felines with you while camping, paddle boarding, hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing.

You can also add your own personal photos of your adventurous cat by the #adventurecat hashtag.

There is even a term for taking adventures with your cat. It is called “catting.”

As in, “I’m going catting this afternoon up at Five Lakes.”

Which means you are taking your cat on a hike.

AdventureCats wants to make it clear that one needs to ease their cat into extreme adventures. They are not like dogs that can just be taken anywhere.

The cat needs to want to go with you on your outing.

Founder Laura Moss told the Huffington Post; “You should never just wrestle your cat into a harness, throw some kibble in your pack and think you and Fluffy are going to hike the Appalachian Trail.”

But all cats deserve adventure, right?

The cats of AdventureCats are just living their nine lives to the fullest.

I guess they could help you catch some fish and butterflies for dinner!

I think my cat would take off at the first sign of true freedom.

If you already take your cat into the outdoors, make sure you take pictures and tag #adventurecat.

Ready to go catting?

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This Instagram Account Features Cats on Adventures and It’s Awesome [PICS]