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This Herd of Bison Will Leave You Breathless

What did the Wild West look like a couple centuries ago?

In this video, we get a glimpse of one majestic American Bison herd.

Witness this video of a bison herd that will take you back to the Old West.

Facebook user First Nations & Animals has shared quite an incredible video of what many of us refer simply to as buffalo. These bigger than life American Bison are the symbol of the Old West

A couple centuries ago, the American Bison roamed the open prairies in great herds that stretched as far as the eye can see. The westward push of civilization was the end to those great herds. The American Bison has made quite a recovery and the sight of herds grazing now are more of a regular occurrence.

Witnessing such a gathering of legendary beasts is quite a treat one must certainly watch.


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This Herd of Bison Will Leave You Breathless