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This Henry Big Boy Will Turn Heads and Perceptions

As a young man who blogs about rifles and pistols, it’s not often you get a euphoric feeling when holding a rifle, but the Henry Big Boy gave me that joy.

Henry Rifles are by no means new to the rifle industry. Dating back as far as the Civil War, Henry Rifles have been involved in some of the earliest American battles. The rifle’s history, and the gorgeous aesthetics, threw me into a spin when I held the rifle. My rifle experience began in the Marine Corps, with a very heavily used M16, so holding the Big Boy and seeing the beautiful brass reviver and walnut stock was very euphoric.

I have eight weapons in my collection already. I also already own two lever actions. So what would entice me to purchase a rifle such as the Henry? I definitely wanted a stout pistol cartridge and the .357 magnum, fit the request. The octagonal barrel which is very unique to old cowboy guns was especially alluring. The buttery smooth throw of the lever was very critical also. The luxurious walnut stock and forearm kept me visually engaged. The brass barrel strap and the brass buttstock plate added some extra elegance to the rifle. Aside from it looking like a quality rifle, it also felt as such. There were no snags anywhere on the metal. The walnut wood was ultra smooth. I genuinely can’t give the same remarks for the other lever action (one of Henry’s competitors) that I own.

The rifle holds 10 cartridges of either .357mag or 38 special. LeverEvolution and Lehigh Defense, are selling some of the nastiest .357Mag cartridges on the market right now. Their ammo is screaming at some potent speeds and their projectiles have been known to cause serious damage. I plan on using these cartridges in the tube of the Big Boy as soon as I get my hands on it.

Naturally, this rifle looks great on display, so why not integrate it with the other home defense options in my arsenal. Sure you could always go down the tactical aisle and slap on a light and other miscellaneous items, but remember that people have been using lever actions without the extras to defend their property long before flashlights were even invented.

My other lever action rifle has a rifle sling incorporated and I will need to add a sling to the Big Boy as well. Brass Stacker has some high quality leather slings that look like they will fit the call for service. The Henry weighs about 8 pounds and most of that weight is in the octagonal barrel. All things considered, this rifle is not using any lightweight materials and I don’t see why any light materials would be beneficial. The all leather American made sling will be the icing on the cake and since its a no drill design the rifle will remain in pristine condition.

This rifle could not have arrived at a better time in my shooting career. Shooting this rifle is simple and most people can operate it fairly easily. The iron sights are easily visible and include a brass front sight post. After breaking in the rifle, it could easily be one of my favorite lever actions to shoot. I am definitely grateful for Henry Rifles keeping these timeless carbines in service and keeping the high quality above reproach.



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This Henry Big Boy Will Turn Heads and Perceptions