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This Has to be the Strangest Rifle Magazine Test Ever

strangest rifle magazine test

How do you test out your rifle magazines?

Well, this Russian shooter has his own unorthodox way to test a rifle magazine. Here's what has to be the strangest rifle magazine test ever captured on video.

What is the best way to test out a rifle magazine for fit, function and durability? Well this Russian shooter is short on time and patience and shows his American friend how he tests a magazine.

Grabbing the AK from the speaker's hand and the magazine to be tested the Russian inserts the magazine briskly. He then flings the whole weapon into the air, does a tumble in the dirt, grabs the rifle and jacks a round in the chamber. The shooter then fires a full auto burst down range flings out the magazine and puts the rifle on safety. The rifle is then returned to the speaker.

All is certainly well with this rifle magazine. It is indeed built Russian tough.

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This Has to be the Strangest Rifle Magazine Test Ever