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Somebody Turned an Old School Bus into the Ultimate DIY Deer Stand

deer stand
KARE 11 News

This guy decided to turn an old bus into the ultimate deer stand.

Wisconsin’s Jesse Kauffman decided the camper deer blind his father constructed years earlier needed an upgrade.

So he decided to put a school bus 30 feet up on top of a fuel barrel to create the ultimate DIY deer stand. Find out how he accomplished this amazing feat.

Talk about an ambitious do-it-yourself project! Blinds this elaborate are usually built by commercial companies. His father, Willie Kauffman expressed doubt it could be done. “I didn’t care if we had to get a twin-rotor helicopter,” Jesse said. “I was going to get a bus up here.”

Using his company’s excavation equipment, he was able to build a ramp up to the fuel barrel and push the bus up. And now the family has a much more spacious stand to enjoy.

“When we got three, four, five of us in the camper it got to be crowded,” Willie told KARE 11 News. “It’s a really good way to spend an afternoon up there.”

One thing’s for sure, the Kauffman family can get a lot of family members out hunting in this thing. We’ve seen some crazy homemade deer stands online before, but this is one of the craziest we’ve ever seen. I want one too!


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Somebody Turned an Old School Bus into the Ultimate DIY Deer Stand