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This Guy is the Whitetail Whisperer

deer communication

This guy knows how to talk to whitetails.

Best deer communication EVER captured!

If you picked up on anything from this video, it's that you will benefit from watching the deer's body language. If its ears are back, you have its attention, even if it isn't looking in your direction. If the deer is licking its nose, it's trying to get a better scent on you; keep hitting that grunt tube. If it stops licking and his ears aren't back, well, I hope you have shot.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to change up your calls when you have the buck's attention. Pay attention to your environment; as the video stated, this won't work in an open environment. I don't know about you guys, but the next buck I see out of range, I'm definitely reaching for my grunt tube.

If you want to use the call from this video, check this link.

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This Guy is the Whitetail Whisperer