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This Fish Shows Us the Meaning of Never Giving Up

never give up
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The phrase ‘never give up’ has never rang truer than what happens to this fish, it’s almost inspiring.

As hunters, fishermen, and heck, even just as adults we tell ourselves and others all the time to ‘never give up’. It’s one of those phrases that just always seems to fit when you are struggling with a situation.

Well, no phrase fits any better for this fish who finds itself caught out of water.

Now, your first thought when seeing this video might be, ‘why didn’t that guy put down the camera and help the fish get into the water?’ Well there is actually a pretty good reason. This fish is actually an amphibious fish which is capable of spending sustained time both in water and on land. So even though it looked like it was suffering and struggling, it was actually quite in it’s element.

You just never know what you are going to stumble across out in nature, do you?

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This Fish Shows Us the Meaning of Never Giving Up