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This F3T 2016 Trailer Will Have You Buying Tickets ASAP

If the heart-pounding action and HD footage in this amazing F3T 2016 trailer is not enough to get your attention, I don’t know what is!

Most fly guys and gals have heard of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Each year this event has become something that thousands of anglers look forward to. The event usually consists of a dozen or so fantastic outdoor films of people pursuing some of the most sought after fish on the planet.

From the extremities of both hemispheres these filmmakers and anglers team up to deliver a very special viewing experience. From brooke trout to GT’s, golden dorado to peacock bass, and from brown trout to sailfish, the participants in this years film tour do not disappoint!

Here is a trailer featuring some of the highlights from this years tour.

If that was not enough to get you on the edge of your seat then I don’t know what is! However, if for some reason you need some more footage to convince you that this is the type of event worth attending you can watch all the trailers for the upcoming films for free on the F3T website.


If your mind is made up and you are itching to get more information on tour dates and tickets prices, click here, or check out the F3T on Facebook. Either way you choose, be sure to stay up to date on the next stops near a town near you. This is not something you will want to miss!



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This F3T 2016 Trailer Will Have You Buying Tickets ASAP