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This Crazy Blood Trail Will Get You Excited for Hunting Season

top pin outdoors blood trail

Though it isn't what drives us to hunt, a blood trail like this can sure get you excited for hunting season.

Last year was one of the best seasons for me and my hunting team, Top Pin Outdoors. We never wanted to be the group of guys who come on camera and give you the "The wind direction is from the South East so..." We want to be the group of guys you can relate to, everyday blue collar workers who work hard and love to hunt.

This buck, last year, was shot in Southern New York State. If you are familiar with some parts of New York, it's extremely mountainous. I grew up hunting the Adirondack Mountains and I know what it is like to see a mature buck that will never score over 100". That may be why when my buddy Cole shot this three and a half year old mountain buck, that had a 19" spread, we were beyond excited.

This hunt was day one of our annual public land hunting trip and it was in a new spot we found on the map. We were over a mile off the road after finding access using our onX Hunt app. We thought we had a spot that no one had ever been to or at least didn't have much public land hunting traffic. Our instincts were right, but better yet, Cole put a great shot on a solid buck. The blood trail however, the blood trail is incredible. Watch below as the buck not only lays out a blood trail, but it is so grand that at one point you can actually see where the deer ran between two trees and blood splashed on them from both the entrance and exit hole.

The blood trail begins shortly after the four-minute mark:

At the time I was shooting a prototype broad head for a company that I really had high hopes for. I cut the video so you didn't hear me or Cole talk about the type of broadhead we used because we aren't about product endorsement.

Now, after saying that, we have had several people ask us what broadhead was used during this shot. Truth be told, it was the Rage Extreme Chisel 2 Blade broadhead. Shot placement of course played the biggest role in this blood trail as he double-lunged the buck but also clipped the top of the heart.

There's no doubt we all hunt for the right reasons, but this experience will surely get you fired up for hunting season. Who knows, maybe you will walk off the beaten path and shoot your first buck with a bow this year just like Cole.

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This Crazy Blood Trail Will Get You Excited for Hunting Season