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The Canteen Stock: Why Doesn’t Every Gun Have This?

Have you ever witnessed a gun stock that was also a canteen?

This incredible Colt 1851 Revolver actually has one.

Watch Ian of Forgotten Weapons take a look at this rare Colt 1851 Revolver with a canteen stock and it’ll make you wonder why every gun doesn’t have this as a standard issue feature.

Ever hear of a gun stock that doubled as a canteen? Well Colt thought it might be a good idea and made a few that just never caught on. They should try again, though.

Ian of Forgotten Weapons has quite an interesting weapon to share with us. This presentation Colt 1851 Revolver has a detachable canteen stock. Two pieces of wood were press fitted together around a canteen to form the stock.

This canteen stock might have looked really good to have full of water or whiskey during a desert fire fight. Maybe this idea was not such a bad one after all.



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The Canteen Stock: Why Doesn’t Every Gun Have This?