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This Cheetah Runs for its Life When its Dinner Decides to Chase It

All photos via Mirror UK

Bet you’ve never seen a cheetah run from a raccoon dog. 

In a classic dog chases cat scenario, this cheetah was chasing a raccoon dog when the dog remembered it is a dog and turned the tables. And isn’t that how it goes in the domestic world, too? The cat pesters the dog until the dog remembers that it is potentially bigger and stronger.

In all seriousness though, this interaction was captured on film by photographer Jorge Alescano in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. He was watching a cheetah chase after a raccoon dog, which isn’t a raccoon or a dog but is part of the basal species, like the North American fox.


The cheetah was chasing the raccoon dog presumably for a meal when the little creature decided it was not the day he was to be a meal.


The little dog wheeled around mid-chase and started to chase the cheetah instead. What it planned to do with it once he caught up is anyone’s guess.


Jorge was baffled:

“We’ve got no idea why the cheetah reacted like this. It’s a mystery to me because the dog would have been an easy meal for the cheetah if he had carried on with the pursuit. He dramatically stopped the chase and caused the cheetah to lose balance but what happened next was even more surprising.”

“He then began to chase the cheetah away which was incredible to watch – it was a once in a life time opportunity.”

All photos via Mirror UK


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This Cheetah Runs for its Life When its Dinner Decides to Chase It