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This Camper Looks Like a Tank But Wait Until the Doors Open [VIDEO]

The Global XRS 7200 looks like it is ready for the zombie-pocolypse until you open the doors. 

The Global XRS 7200 looks like it ready for battle on the outside but when you open the doors, it is a luxurious camper.

The Global XRS 7200 is built by ACTION MOBIL, an Austrian company dedicated to building luxury expedition vehicles.

This all-terrain luxury vehicle is complete with a hydraulic lifting platform for your ATV, snowmobile, or bike. The teaser then takes you on a tour of the inside, highlighting all the incredible features like the lithium ion energy system that stores energy while you are moving.

Then it gets into the luxurious living features. The kitchen is well thought-out in its efficiency; it even has a washing machine! I like this statement: the interior provides "security and comfort that will exceed what you expect in a house or apartment."

Yeah, I think I would want this when the world ends.

All hell can be be breaking loose outside and I can comfortably be watching movies on my flatscreen inside.

The Global XRS 7200 only costs £600,000, which is $937,320. Chump change for your own luxurious tank.

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This Camper Looks Like a Tank But Wait Until the Doors Open [VIDEO]