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This Bow Trap is Dangerous and Deadly

All it takes is a knife and some cordage to make this deadly bow trap.

The bow trap concept is similar to a snare or other type of primitive trap in that you place it in an area where target animals are likely to travel and a length of cordage acts as the trigger. However, instead of catching and holding the animal like most traps, a bow trap delivers a lethal arrow from close range.

If you decide to try this survival technique, be careful and don't leave it unattended. These things really work.

Watch the video to learn how to make a bow trap. If you ever need one, you'll be glad you did.

Although this trap is a bit complicated and time consuming to make, it could be worth it's weight in gold in a survival situation. Learning survival skills before you need them could help keep you alive if things take a turn for the worse.


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This Bow Trap is Dangerous and Deadly