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Baby Rhino Won’t Take Crap From Anyone [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard stories of mother animals defending their young. But have you heard of a baby rhino protecting its mama?

This baby rhino has what I would call some true grit. When a male rhinoceros approaches a female and her calf, things start to escalate quickly.

Just as the male looks like he could go in for the kill, the baby rhino does something unbelievable.


In an incredible turn of events, this baby rhino confuses and scares off the male just in the nick of time. The baby rhino is only a fraction of the weight of the large male. It has dull nubbin on its nose, instead of a sharp horn, but it is still able to save its mama through sheer determination.

Talk about an inspiring underdog story!

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Baby Rhino Won’t Take Crap From Anyone [VIDEO]