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Okay, This 64-Pound Beaver is Ridiculous


And this is why Sam Wood traps. A big ol’ 64-pound beaver!

Trapping is an art. Some people can’t seem to catch anything but themselves in traps, and some people have that knack and they catch everything that breathes and moves in the woods.

There is a lot of skill that goes into, and many people don’t know that. But catching a beaver this side is always a good day for any trapper. Now yes, there are many bigger, and we will hear the keyboard warriors claiming “That ain’t nothing” or “I’ve caught four bigger than that.”

Well… maybe so, but that doesn’t change the fact that a 64-pound beaver is still one impressive catch for Sam Wood.

Here’s the video:


As you can see when he lifts the beaver out of the water, the animal is a hoss. Beavers can destruct a waterway and woods faster than any animal. They are hard workers that you just don’t want around.

Sam is pretty pumped and it is easy to see as he proclaims to the camera, “Freakin awesome.”

What’s your best best catch trapping?

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Okay, This 64-Pound Beaver is Ridiculous