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This 191-Inch Bruiser Buck Will Get You Jacked for Deer Season


The countdown to deer season has begun and there's nothing like a 191-inch monster buck to get your blood pumping.

With summertime antlers sprouting and trail cameras capturing this seasons monster racks, we sit in anticipation to see what buck we'll be setting our sights on until the last day of the season.

Check out this buck of a lifetime as he's smoked by a deer hunter in Penn.!

Way to keep focused on the zone behind the shoulder and not on that unbelievable set of antlers!

One of the most exciting parts of the preseason is finding brand new spots to hang tree stands and create new ground blinds. Once you've found your new location to setup this season and trim your shooting lanes, it's important to figure out the least disruptive way to enter and exit this spot during deer season.

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Hunter's Specialities

To help navigate y0ur path through the woods when it's dark, check out the Limb Lights from Hunter's Specialties. These twist tie trail markers have reflective and blaze orange sides to help navigate your way to the stand during both day and night. The reflective side of these handy ties will pick up and reflect light up to 100 yards away and can easily wrap around saplings and branches.

An awesome product to keep your walk to the stand stealthy this season!


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This 191-Inch Bruiser Buck Will Get You Jacked for Deer Season