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This 100-Pound Wild Hog Thinks It's the Family Dog


An Italian couple rescued a piglet from the woods, and just look at how she's grown! And there's no doubt that this hog has become one of the family!

A couple of years ago Doriana Giustozzi and Raffaele Petterini found a little wild piglet in the woods. It was terribly weakened from being malnourished and from surviving alone in the cold forest. Giustozzi and Petterini brought the little hog home and nurtured it back to health.

Well, that little piglet survived and thrived on their care. And it grew and grew, until today where it weighs around 100 pounds! The formerly wild pig even has a name: Pasqualina, and she is living a dog's life, literally.

Pasqualina lives very much like a pet dog, lying with Raffaele on the couch, watching television, eating in the kitchen, even sleeping on one of the beds in their home.

Pasqualina is a fully furred critter with all of the physical attributes of a wild hog, but few of the behavioral characteristics. She plays ball in the yard, curls up next to Raffaele to have her belly scratched, has the run of the house and presumably avoids rooting up the yard.

It is said that pigs are at least as intelligent as dogs. Pasqualina seems to be proving that point quite well.

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This 100-Pound Wild Hog Thinks It's the Family Dog