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Think You’re Faster Than Greg Jordan from Armalite? [VIDEO]


Watch as Greg Jordan from team Armalite destroys this 3-gun shooting competition.

3-gun shooting competitions are quickly gaining popularity in the shooting sports world. It’s hard to see why it wouldn’t with its fast-paced action and sometimes crazy targets. A 3-gun competition involves a shooter taking down a course of targets as fast as possible with an AR platformed rifle (which was originally designed by Armalite), a pistol, and a shotgun.

Greg Jordan is a professional and very talented shooter for team Armalite. If you think you are good at knocking down targets you will think again after seeing him blaze through this course at this competition.

Not only was his speed highly impressive, but his accuracy is truly spectacular. Watching this really makes me want to set up a course to see what I could do. I guarantee it would be nowhere as fast or accurate as Jordan.

I really want to take a shot at that windmill shotgun target as well. That thing just looks crazy to try to hit those targets while it is swaying and spinning at the same time. I see a new project in my future and I bet I’m not the only one.

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Think You’re Faster Than Greg Jordan from Armalite? [VIDEO]