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Think Your Chainsaw is Tough? It Doesn't Even Compare to These

Here's what it looks like to cut wood with a V8 chainsaw. Keep your fingers away from the computer screen at all times.

At some point we graduated from hatchets and axes to saw blades. After that, somebody decided to put power to the blade and we really got to do some cutting.

Ever since then, gear heads and wrench turners everywhere have been trying to outdo each other with their own version of a super-powered chainsaw.

Once everybody got into the act they started holding competitions to see who really had the most badass motoraxe and you can see a few right here.

Okay, who do you think was the fastest? My money is on the first two guys. It's very cool to see the ladies get into the act as well!

What do you think: did the guy in the Jason mask with the 6-foot bar actually pop the cap off of his beer? That old school mechanical blade was pretty fun to watch also.

Here's to these folks having safe and fun competitions with their monster chainsaws that run on V8 power and testosterone!


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Think Your Chainsaw is Tough? It Doesn't Even Compare to These