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Think You Can't Bowhunt Deer From the Ground? Think Again [VIDEO]

Use these tips to get out of the trees and bowhunt deer from the ground.

Hunting from the ground is the most traditional way to bowhunt deer. An untold number of deer were arrowed with the archer's feet firmly planted on Mother Earth before hunters started perching in trees in the 1970s.

If you've never tried to bowhunt deer from the ground, here are some tips from a master on how to get it done.

Using the tips in this video will help you be more mobile and successful.

Here are some key points to remember when attempting to bowhunt deer from the ground:

  • Blend with the habitat. Don't wear dark camo and lean against a beech tree.
  • Use shade to your advantage. A hunter in the shade is much harder to spot than one illuminated by direct sunlight.
  • Bowhunting from the ground doesn't always mean stalking or still-hunting. Take a stand where you would normally hang a stand.
  • Use pruning shears. Whether you choose to bowhunt deer from a treestand or from the ground, always carry pruning shears.
  • Hide behind trees. Use large trees to hide your draw and break up your silhouette and you'll have shots at relaxed deer.
  • Ghillie up. 3D camoflauge is extremely effective at fooling the eyes of a whitetail. Just make sure your clothing doesn't interfere with your bowstring.

With the rut upon us, the action can be here one day and gone the next. Hunters who learn to bowhunt deer from the ground have a distinct advantage in mobility.

This can be the difference between success and another year of tag soup. Follow these tips and be more successful this year.

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Think You Can't Bowhunt Deer From the Ground? Think Again [VIDEO]