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6 Things to Know About the Deer That Call Texas Home

How much do you really know about the deer that call Texas home?

Anyone who's ever stepped foot in Texas knows it's a different kind of place. Things are bigger, roads are longer, and if there's one thing that we know for sure, it's that Texans love their deer hunting.

With some help from Texas Trophy Hunter Association, we gathered up plenty of facts and pointers that will keep your fascination for the animals we pursue strong. Here's just a sampling.

1. They aren't always bigger

Though natives like to think it, not everything is bigger in Texas. None of the top 10 Pope and Young bucks come from the state. That doesn't mean we aren't out there trying, of course.

2. They love to eat prickly pear cactus

It's among the first choice of browse for deer, and is even categorized as an "ice cream" plant because they like it so much. Think that'll help decide your hunting spots?

Two does drinking at the Pamandan Ranch ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

3. Whitetails aren't alone

Most know you can hunt mule deer in Texas, but that's not where the diversity ends. There are more than 70 different species of exotics living in Texas, and almost all are able to be hunted.

4. Spike bucks aren't actually inferior

Desirable or undesirable for breeders is one matter, but if we're talking genes and the ability to pass them on, there isn't as big of a difference as most would think.

5. The state owns a long whitetail rut period

Whitetail Deer Buck

From August in the northern Panhandle all the way to February for deep South Texas, the Lone Star State has a very large amount of time that sees some sort of rut activity.

6. There's competition

Exotic, introduced animals as well as increasing impeachment by humans into their space makes things less than 100% sunny for Texas deer. With help from organization like Texas Trophy Hunters Association, there's hope in conserving the species and the habitat they call home.

Learn more about how you can get even more connected to the Texas deer world, and consider joining Texas Trophy Hunters Association.


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6 Things to Know About the Deer That Call Texas Home