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The Only Solution is to Make Squirrels Fly [VIDEO]

We block squirrels, baffle them, chase them away, and we still can’t win. This man’s solution is to simply invite them in… then kindly gives them a ride home. By making squirrels fly. 

How many times have we attempted to keep a squirrel from devouring every scrap of seed we’ve put out for the birds? They eat or spread every kernel until it’s on the ground or in their bellies.

Chasing them away does no good. These squirrel thugs usually just return with friends.

Based on your location, you can’t just expect to get out the .22 and plink them. Another solution has to be found. By making squirrels fly.

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By the time you’re done watching this video, you’ve already stolen your wife’s colander, and have been looking to see if you have enough bungee cords.

As the four different camera angles show, you can solve your squirrel problem, be a better videographer, and have fun doing it at the same time.

You may think that the squirrel missed his meal, but the only thing he’s really missing is the red cape.

That is how you make squirrels fly.

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The Only Solution is to Make Squirrels Fly [VIDEO]