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Thieving Snake Steals Young Boy's Fish [VIDEO]

Just who does this snake think he is?

Cindy Kuller and her son were fishing recently when a snake decided to steal her son's catch. The perch came unhooked and the a snake saw its opportunity. You might be surprised what happened next.

Take a look at this recent home video.

This brave young boy followed the snake and picked up the perch after the snake dropped it.

"Are you okay, dude?"

He then quickly released it back into the water, unharmed.

According to the description, the video took place near Alexandria, Ontario.

This snake will be going hungry for a little while longer. Better luck next time, Mr. Snake.

The video ends with the boy saying, "That was amazing. Mom, you have to put that on YouTube."

We are glad they did!

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Thieving Snake Steals Young Boy's Fish [VIDEO]