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Thieves Use Semi Truck to Smash and Grab Ventura Gun Store

A gun store owner in Ventura, was awakened to find his store robbed by thieves who used an 18-Wheeler to gain access.

Coming just weeks after the Houston Gun Shop Burglary, residents of Ventura awoke Easter morning to find a similar situation in their own neighborhood. The robbery occurred at the Red Seal Arms in Ventura, California, a town just 40 minutes from Santa Barbara.

The thieves took to the gun store using a semi truck, to crash into the steel security bars and gain access. As the security footage shows, the first attempt wasn't enough but after the second, access was gained and these thieves went to work, but left one thing behind: DNA.

According to Los Angeles CBS News, the robbery took 48 seconds from the time they entered the gun shop until the time they left. The gun store owner told CBS News that the thieves left, surprisingly, not with the most expensive guns, but with the most commonly used pistols and rifles.

As police arrived on the scene they found that the thieves not only had dropped a rifle and a pistol on their way out, but the pistol had contained a small amount of  blood. It may be a crime scene investigator's perfect scenario or just plain bad luck for the thieves, regardless, it is a start to finding the people responsible for this robbery.

According to CBS News the police reported that the thieves also robbed a check-cashing business nearby as well, however were unaware at the time what they took from there.


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Thieves Use Semi Truck to Smash and Grab Ventura Gun Store