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They’re Noodling Catfish by Foot Now [VIDEO]

Noodling catfish has seen a new rise in popularity thanks to foot-fishing folks like this guy.

Catching fish by hand has been tried for centuries by mankind. Once we figured out how hard it was, we invented fishing tackle. Since then, we’ve been going back to the Stone Age just for kicks to see if we could still do it.

This guy has turned things upside down and started using his feet.

Now, that nice catfish wasn’t flopping around all that much, but that doesn’t mean it was dead; it looked pretty healthy! Noodling catfish usually takes place in rivers and streams, and under things like rocks and log-jams. Generally it’s done by hand, but that sure doesn’t mean you can’t use your feet.

Well, he had to get his foot in that catfish’s mouth anyway, so even if it wasn’t the most healthy fish he still did it underwater, under a dock, and… with his foot!

Hats off to this fellow, or maybe I should say shoes off.


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They’re Noodling Catfish by Foot Now [VIDEO]