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They Just Found the Invasive ‘Crazy Snake Worm’ in Oregon

A non-native earthworm known as a crazy snake worm was found in Oregon. Wait until you see the video!

A strange, exotic, and odd worm found in the Beaver State has officials ‘weirded’ out and a little worried. “Asian jumping worm,” or Amynthas agresitis has shown its ultra-wiggly self in several places in the state.

While these ‘Jersey wigglers’ might look like any other fish bait, they have the propensity to take over where they are not wanted. Furthermore, officials are saying that because they reproduce asexually, they can easy produce their own population in no time.

Jim Labonte, with the Oregon Department of Agriculture said, “These worms can thrash about so violently when they are disturbed that they can get clear off the ground.”

Check this out.

Okay, anything that wiggles on a hook like these bad boys we want!, but hold on. Normal earthworms feed deeper than these oddballs therefore having them so much shallower in the soil can cause problems.

“Exotics work on the surface and that top layer is really important for forest health,” Labonte added. The bottom line is that non-native species can be quite detrimental to an ecosystem. As fishermen, be careful what you’re using and what you’re throwing away.

Conservation starts with, but is not limited to, sportsmen. The key is communication between those who fish and hunt and those who do not.



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They Just Found the Invasive ‘Crazy Snake Worm’ in Oregon