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‘They Broke My Floatie!’ New Jersey Black Bears Swim in Family Pool [VIDEO]

A New Jersey family gets quite the surprise when a mama black bear and her five cubs have a lovely afternoon swimming in a pool in their backyard. The kids watching in the house are not amused. 

A mama bear and her five cubs enjoy a New Jersey family’s backyard pool, the floatie toys, the swings, the slide…

The kids are not happy about the bears in the yard and don’t really want to share their toys with the baby bears.

In an occurrence that most kids would be ecstatic over, these New Jersey kids are less than thrilled when a family of bears take over the backyard playland.

The video opens up on the family of bears getting in and out of the pool, clearly enjoying the water. The kids then notice there “are bears in the pool!”

The bears start to get more comfortable in the yard and start playing, and destroying, the kids’ toys.

“He broke my floatie!” one of the kids cries.

The mother coaxes her kids, and her husband, as they complain about the things being broken. She even says, “Well, I am enjoying this.”

It is really adorable watching the family of bears playing!

But this New Jersey family is more concerned about the pool being destroyed and their pool toys ruined. And it is pretty humorous to listen to.

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‘They Broke My Floatie!’ New Jersey Black Bears Swim in Family Pool [VIDEO]