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The Ultraskiff 360 is a One-Man, Disc-Shaped Boat Almost Perfect for Fishing

You might be seeing this one-man, disc-shaped boat at a fishery near you next year.

The Ultraskiff 360 is a personal fishing platform that allows anglers to cast in all directions and maneuver in and out of fishing spots that are inaccessible by larger boats. It's a unique take on personal fishing craft, as it offers more mobility than kayaks, pontoons or other one-person boats.

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The raised seat mounted in the center of the boat is within an arm's reach of the transom-mounted motor, which makes moving around on the water fairly easy. The boat is also equipped with rod holders and multiple storage containers that double as live wells. The final version of the boat is slated for release late this spring. Until then, watch what the Ultraskiff 360 can do in the video below.

The Ultraskiff 360 has rod holders, a battery slot, and storage containers that can serve as live wells.
Waterfowl hunters might also find the Ultraskiff 360 useful.
The boat is 6-feet wide, weighs 110 pounds, and can fit inside the bed of a pickup truck.

Lizzio recently released this video that demonstrates how the craft holds up in choppy water, boat wakes and waves.

We want to know what you think about the Ultraskiff 360. Is this something that you're interested in?

Click here to visit the company's website.

Price: $1,499.99

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The Ultraskiff 360 is a One-Man, Disc-Shaped Boat Almost Perfect for Fishing