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2 Pike Fishing Videos That Will Make You Reach for Your Fly Rod

The guys at White River Air in Ontario know a thing or two about northern pike. Big, terrifying pike that grow to 50 inches or more.

And if you’re like me, you’ve always dreamed of catching a pike with a fly rod.

So in the order of keeping dreams alive, here are two great videos from White River showing you how big some of these toothy water wolves can get and that it is indeed possible to hold one for yourself.

What I like also about these videos is that it shows the fishing style for these beasts. You can see how the retrieve of the fly or streamer is often paused, allowing the fly to sit motionless for a moment. The instant the fly is twitched again is often the key to getting a strike and you can see some of these fish attacking it as soon as this happens.

There’s something about the way a pike inspects its prey before attacking. You never know if the fish is going to simply follow it curiously without action or if it will violently attack within feet of the boat. The suspense of the strike has me holding my breath and I’m not even in the boat.



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2 Pike Fishing Videos That Will Make You Reach for Your Fly Rod