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These Guys Just Found the Perch Honey Hole in Sweden

A two-day perch bonanza in the waters of Sweden yielded several monsters of the ginormous variety.

The Westin-Fishing Facebook page posted pictures of two skilled anglers that sunk their hooks into several of the biggest perch that you’ve ever seen.

Listed by the page as “Sweden’s Best Perch Session? Part 1…” the catch and the anglers involved have a tale to tell, and here’s part of what they caught and how they caught it. Elias Narvelo representing Westin and Erik Petersson of Baltic Skeppsfournering AB Facebook page are shown with their massive fish caught on the Shad Teez swim bait.

The fish were caught on a 9 cm or about 3-and-a-half inch bait. The colors listed were ‘Crazy Deal’, ‘Real Deal’, and ‘Bass Orange’. The biggest shown was Elias with a 47 cm (over 18 inches) and 1719 grams or about a whopping 3.7 pound fish!


Erik’s big fish was also just over 18 inches (46 cm) and weighed 1630 grams or about 3.5 pounds.


Elias had another, almost the twin of the first caught on the Real Deal color.


Erik is shown with another great catch which was caught on the Crazy Deal pattern.


In all, the pair was said to have caught five perch that were all over 1.5 kg or over three pounds! All the great catches were done using the Shad Teez which can be seen on the Westin-Fishing You Tube channel.

Although Erik’s biggest fish came on the Bass Orange color, the most productive were the Crazy Deal and the Real Deal patterns.

Big thanks to these fishermen and their respective fishing channels for sharing their great catch. Continued success in the future and we hope to see them again hoisting such massive fish!

All photos via Facebook/Westin-Fishing



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These Guys Just Found the Perch Honey Hole in Sweden