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These Gobblers Go Crazy for Their Fallen Comrade After Kill Shot

Kill Shot

After a kill shot, these gobblers go absolutely insane about their fallen comrade. 

We’ve seen a lot of strange things in the hunting world. Turkeys especially have some of the strangest and best reactions to both busting hunters before the shot is taken and reactions after the initial shot. Hunter, Weston Schlewitz (who also brought us the 10-second turkey call) and his dad were recently on  a hunt when they were able to film the hunt and the crazy reaction that the surviving birds had after the kill shot was taken.

Have you ever seen a reaction like this? In many states or cases, this would be a prime example of a time when you can pump another shell in the gun and go for the double, but in others the limit on turkeys is one per day, which may be the case in this video.

Either way, if nothing else this successful turkey hunt should serve as a reminder that you never know what is going to happen after you pull the trigger on a turkey. Whether it’s a kill shot or a miss, always be prepared for anything that could happen next.

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These Gobblers Go Crazy for Their Fallen Comrade After Kill Shot