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These Fly Fishing Musky Tips Are All You Need to Know

If you plan on chasing muskies on the fly, then a few more fly fishing tips might be in order. 

Fly fishing isn’t just for trout and saltwater anymore. Unless you’ve been living without social media or the internet, then you’ve probably seen the rise of alternative fish on the fly. Muskies, one of those such species, has really been growing in popularity as a fly fishing target species as of late. Unfortunatley, they are still a fish of 10,000 casts, especially when it comes to the fly.

Luckily, here are some great fly fishing tips to help put one of those toothy critters in your boat.

As the New Fly Fisher suggested, three main flies are about all you need to get the job done. A nice stout rod that can handle the big line and big bodied flies would come in pretty handy also. From there, it’s just getting yourself on some muskie looking waters and then casting and casting and casting.

Don’t expect multiple fish in one day. Heck, don’t even expect multiple muskies in one week. However, with time and plenty of patience, they can be caught on the fly and in pretty good numbers once you get your patterns and presentations dialed in.

With any luck, some of the fly fishing tips as you just saw might even help put one in the net.



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These Fly Fishing Musky Tips Are All You Need to Know