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These Are the Top 5 Most Reliable Guns

If you are looking for reliable guns, you just found them. 

If you are going to own a gun, you want to be able to trust it. However, one of the biggest questions gun owners often ask is in regards to what the most reliable guns you can buy might be. Luckily, TFB TV answers this question and then some.

As you are about to hear, it's obvious the most reliable guns would be the guns with the least amount of moving parts. However, that's no fun. So instead, watch as this video breaks down one gun from five of the biggest categories of firearms.

Glock, Uzi, Mauser, Remington, and Galil. That pretty much sums up the likely list of usual suspects most would put money on if they had to pick their own list of reliable guns. The Galil sort of surprised me a little when I heard the video name this one, but after listening to the explanation, it makes sense to me.

So what do you think? Did the guns mentioned make your list? If not, are you one of those self righteous gun nuts the video pointed out? I didn't think so either.


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These Are the Top 5 Most Reliable Guns