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These Alpine Ibex Are Better at Climbing Than You


Watch these alpine ibex easily climb up and down the face of a dam.

You spend a lot of time up in the mountains and traverse some pretty rough terrain. Maybe you've even done a little mountain climbing in your spare time.

But when it comes to climbing skills, you've got nothing on these alpine ibex climbing the sheer wall of a dam in Antrona Valley Natural Park in Italy!

I'm suddenly reminded of Clark Griswald hanging on the side of the Hoover Dam in Vegas Vacation...

These ibex have climbing skills that'll put any human to shame. And to think, they do this without fingers or fancy climbing gear, just hooves and pure skill. They really make it look easy don't they?

The wonders of the animal kingdom just never cease to amaze do they? What do you think? Do these ibex have the best climbing skills of any 4-legged creature in the animal kingdom? If they aren't first place, I want to see who is!


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These Alpine Ibex Are Better at Climbing Than You