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These 7 African Wildlife Videos Are The Craziest You’ll Ever See

African Wildlife Videos
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If you enjoy intense African wildlife videos, you’ve come to the right place, these 7 will keep you amazed and entertained.

When wild animals decide to attack, whether they are hungry, defending their young or homes, or they are just plain angry things can get vicious. When you add in that the fighters in question are African wildlife, chances are high that the intensity will go up to a whole new level. Check out these insane videos of African wildlife that will leave you drained, but wanting more.

Let’s start things off in one of the biggest producers of crazy African Wildlife videos, the world famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Check out this insane chase in and out of traffic as a Kudo jumps over a car to escape a hungry lion that’s close on it’s tail.

The lion in the following video does a little better job of tracking down it’s prey. Maybe the lack of human interference and a clear open sight is what allows this beast of nature to bring down an antelope in mid-air.

And, speaking of human interference, whether intentional or not, this video shows a great example of just how quickly the fact that humans and their cars are present in the area can change the outcome of an animal chase.

Here we have what can only be called an epic struggle as a zebra and lion have a marathon battle for survival. The self preservation instinct is strong in this one, with both the animals involved in the fight, and those who strategically choose to stay out of it.

Here we have an example of leopard who could be described as an opportunist. He happens upon these two antelope who are locked up and battling for supremacy and realizes he’s in a prime opportunity to strike.

You ever have that feeling that danger is near but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? We have a suspicion that this warthog was having that very feeling as he was simultaneously being filmed and stalked by a cheetah.

And last but not least, here’s an amazing video of a buffalo who absolutely refuses to yield even as a lion is literally gnawing on its hindquarters. He is the epitome of a survivor as he uses anything and everything around him to aid in his escape.

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These 7 African Wildlife Videos Are The Craziest You’ll Ever See