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These 5 Western Hunting Ranches Are What It’s All About

Dome Mountain Ranch

Hunting on one of these western hunting ranches is something that many dream about. Here are five you need to add to your wish list.

Big vast lands, beautiful scenery and of course plentiful big game are the reasons why so many travel to the west to hunt. Whether it is a big elk, trophy moose, beautiful caribou, archery antelope or pheasant: these western hunting ranches are what it is all about.

1. Antelope for days in Wyoming

Have you ever been to Wyoming? If you have, you know there are plenty of wide open areas. It’s sparsely populated, by people that is. It is home to many animals and is one of the great, untouched vast landscapes in the west.

One of the biggest draws for hunters is the antelope. The Spearhead Ranch is a private 58,000 cattle and sheep ranch that also happens to have many antelope, elk and mule deer.

You can choose what you want to hunt, but the archery antelope is a popular choice. Go on your own or hire a guide, it is up to you. Archery antelope starts in late August.

2. Caribou in Alaska

Stoney River Lodge
Stoney River Lodge

Caribou are a bucket list hunt for many. Its not like they are all over the country and getting to them takes some work. If you are looking for a caribou in the United States, Alaska is the place to do it.

While not a true private ranch, the Stoney River Lodge has everything you need to down a big caribou. Amenities, experienced outfitters and close proximity to the remote tundra the caribou call home.

3. Montana for Trophy Elk

Montana Elk Hunting
Dome Mountain Ranch

Montana is another state with plenty of open land to spare. It is home to excellent fishing and hunting and the elk population is strong. Dome Mountain Ranch is located right where you want to be.

This western hunting ranches has vast amounts of land that is home to resident and migratory elk. The elk are part of the well-known “great northern Yellowstone herd”. They have 4,000 acres that the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks calls the “Dome Mountain Wildlife Refuge” and an additional 8,000 acres managed and available to those hunting with Dome Mountain.

The lodging includes several options for small to large groups as well as families. They also offer waterfront housing for those looking to get some fishing in while they are there.

4. South Dakota pheasant and deer combination hunt

Western Ranch Outfitters
Western Ranch Outfitters

The Dakotas are known for their pheasant hunting. But, why stop there? If you time it right you can do a combination hunt with deer and pheasant as they open at the same time. Hurry up and get your deer and the pheasant will be waiting. 

Western Ranch Outfitters has a nice lodge and all of the hunts take place on private land. The ranch is well managed for plentiful and big animals. Exactly what western hunting ranches are all about.

5. Colorado elk and mule deer

Circle K Ranch
Circle K Ranch

The San Juan National Forest in Southwestern Colorado is home to record-sized elk and mule deer. The Circle K Ranch is located right there.

They offer guided and self-guided trips with excellent hunting nearby the lodge on the ranch. Their photo gallery proves that they grow them big in Colorado and makes this one of the best western hunting ranches.



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These 5 Western Hunting Ranches Are What It’s All About